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The Credit Valley Hospital

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The firm has been involved with the Credit Valley Hospital for many years.  The hospital’s close proximity to our office and the fact that it services our team members and their families has led to a mutually beneficial relationship.

The ties that bind us:

• We currently assist many of the hospital’s doctors with their tax compliance and planning work.
• The firm has directed the proceeds from its annual charity golf tournament to the Foundation since it started in 1997.
• The firm is a proud supporter of The Healing Cycle Foundation and its $1 million pledge to the hospital.
• The firm regularly participates in the Foundation’s annual gala and May golf tournament fundraising events.
• The firm supports the GTAA Runway Event;
• Kalin McDonald, CA is a director of the Credit Valley Hospital Foundation board.
• Annette Silva, CA is a past corporate volunteer of the Foundation board.

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Richard Clarke, CA, CA·IT
Paul Keul, CA, TEP
Curtis Link, CA, TEP
Kalin McDonald, CA, CFP, TEP
Jason O’Halloran, CA, CFP, TEP, CPA
Greg Rawn, CA, CBV

Client service managers

Charlie Buss, CA
Stephen L. Myers, CA
Annick Ouellet, CA
Amanda Parker, CA
Michael Rayner, CA
Liz Smith
Shaun Wilson, CA

Professional Team

Lorena Boda
Carol Buss
Kristen Harner, CPA, CA
Andrea Robey, CPA, CA
Devin Stem, CPA, CA
Denise Schofield, CGA
Heather Adams
Cindy Sweeting, CPA, CA
Ralph Dubois
Hana Malko


Rick Dooler
Rajit Paruchuri
Marcel Hanna
Brad Smith
Jay Yang
Owais Nasar
Belal Tariq
Kunal Jagota
Client Support Team
Anna Lucchetta
Tracy Watkins
Amy Power
Sundus Ahmed
Karen Taylor
Robin Dennis


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