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A Financial Audit Process You Can Trust.

Trust builds value, value builds profitability, and profitability is the main predictor of sustained success.


We engage in a comprehensive review of your financial statements and then offer an opinion as to whether or not your financial position and operational results have been fairly presented to your lenders, creditors, partners, and customers. This opinion represents the highest level of assurance you can receive on your financial statements and provides confidence to your stakeholders.

We invest a significant amount of time in understanding our clients’ businesses. We review and document your internal control systems, test them, and report on the efficacy of systems and procedures. We support your relationships with your financial institutions and other key stakeholders. Our audit approach is risk-based, planned and proactive.

In the end, you benefit from credible figures and financial statements prepared according to the applicable financial reporting framework. We also identify and communicate areas for improvement.


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At S+C Partners, we take a holistic view of client relationships by providing a full range of services including assurance, tax, advisory and information technology to support our clients’ financial commitments, minimize tax liabilities, optimize profitability and automate business processes.

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