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SpeedFusion: The Internet Connectivity Bond That Never Breaks

January 16th. 2015

The Internet. Can we really live without it today? Most of the things that we do in our day to day lives have to be in one way or another connected to the Internet. From social networking sites, to shopping and banking online, to researching and studying. Almost everything is now available over the Internet. For businesses, a solid connection to the Internet is both critical and important.


Reliance on the Internet has never been so crucial in the corporate world. When it comes to accessing the Internet, there are two things that are frequently asked – speed and stability. With the former, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have addressed the issue by upgrading to sophisticated fiber optic connections.


Finding a solution for stability has been elusive. As long as you only have a single connection, there will always be the possibility of a sudden or unexpected disruption. This paved the way for leaders of the networking industry to combine two Internet connections and provide failover setups. This was almost what businesses needed – almost.


In a typical failover setup, only one connection is active at a time.  Normally, the main line is active and the second connection is on “standby” mode. The second Internet connection only becomes active when the main line drops which in turn can cause costly downtime.


Finally, Speedfusion technology from Peplink has solved the multi-connection active/standby configuration challenge. With other failover solutions, when the main line drops, the failover terminates the existing connection before it activates the second line resulting in a sudden disconnection. But with this new technology, it maintains a secure (configurable) tunnel across all available network connections. This means that all Internet connections are active at the same time. Thus, in the event of one Internet connection dropping, it seamlessly routes traffic to the other active connection.


The Speedfusion solution is ideal for voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) users, inter-site remote connections and cloud-hosted infrastructure until now. This technology is a perfect solution for businesses those who require uninterrupted Internet connectivity.




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