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Business Gain through Technology - Why C-level Executives Need to Be Involved

March 13th. 2015

It is hard to automate business processes and to gather actionable information from your company data islands. Most executive do not want to get involved thinking that such tasks are too complicated or that they are too busy for all that detail.


Modern Information Technology systems can not only change how employees work but what the company delivers. Products and services offered by companies is being redefined by technology all the time. C-level executives who decide to ignore how and where their company is spending on IT may not fully understand how this can impact information security, compliance with more stringent standards, and risk involved in affecting their bottom line.


The easiest way to start the technology update in your company is to insist that every process and technology need be standardized across the company. There are exceptions to the rule users of the system can demonstrate that their particular area is truly different from other business units. This way involved executives can make top-down decisions on standardization.


The biggest opportunity for executives offered by Information Technology is in the ability to positively transform the business. Transformation through technology is not a hype, but rather a way to deliver new services, and with some inventiveness to reach new industries.

It is not my intention to suggest that all C-level executives should become IT experts, but rather that they can refine their existing talents to make better decisions on how, when and where to invest in technology. The importance of the Information Technology cannot be overstated those days, with the possible game changing benefits. You can rest assured that your competitors are in the technology game, thinking how to up their game to leave their completion behind.




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