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My domain .sucks

December 10th. 2015

We all know about Internet domain names and the power to promote ones company name or brand. For many years now, Canadian businesses   have struggled with how to address defensive registrations. Most companies have simply chosen to ignore variations of their domain’s names and others have aggressively tried to defend their reputation by registering many different variations of their domain name.

On June 1 2015, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) granted Vox Populi Registry Inc. the .sucks Top Level Domain. There is a growing number of domain registrars that profits greatly with the new registrations of “” program.

The act of criticizing any company or a public figure on the Internet is not a new idea. There are countless communities all over the Internet voicing their opinion how “this company sucks” or why “this person sucks”.

It probably won’t come to anyone as a surprise that already countless companies registered a number of domains in order to protect the company’s brands. The most attractive target brands like Microsoft, Koodo, Apple and many more, already bought the domains pointing at their brands.

The .sucks Top Level Domain will likely extract money from those companies who wish to protect their brand. It is very easy to imagine how politically charged discussions about prominent figures would leverage .sucks domains for smear tactics. Should you protect your brand by registering the “” domain?




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