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Thin Client Era

February 29th. 2016

Thin clients are available from a wide range of manufacturers, Wyse, Dell and HP. Because they lack hard drives, CD-ROM drives, fans and other moving parts, thin clients are smaller, cheaper and simpler for manufacturers to build than traditional PCs or notebooks—and cheaper for you to buy.
Thin clients decrease client maintenance costs and hassles. With fewer moving parts, and very little software running on the device, fewer things can go wrong with a thin client, so they’re easier to maintain and fix. If a thin client does fail, you can easily swap in a replacement without losing productivity because employees don’t store any data on their client device.
Since everything is managed, stored and secured centrally, from the data center, thin clients eliminate the issues of installing, updating and patching applications, backing up files, or scanning for viruses on individual computers. Because employees see and have access only to what they need to do their job, thin clients are easier for non-technical people to use.

Here are some reasons why you should consider Thin Client solution for your business:

  • Thin clients provide business continuity. With no hard drive, fan, or other moving parts, thin clients have a much longer lifespan than standard computers and can be cost-effectively replaced.
  • You will no longer have to worry about system maintenance, data security, and software updates — we will take over all of those functions. Client hardware has fewer points of failure and is less susceptible to viruses and malware.
  • You don’t have to worry about complicated setup. The thin-client system can be out of the box and set up in less than ten minutes. We take care of the configuration and management, as software updates, virus scanning and patches are executed remotely on the server.
  • You will save on energy costs. Thin client servers are energy efficient and offer significant savings in power usage over traditional desktops and desktops. This is realized not only in lower energy costs but in reduced cooling costs by the reducing of heating.
  • You will worry less about accidents or mistakes. The actual data is stored on the server, which is backed up — so data is easily recovered and replaced in the event of loss, theft, or damage.
  • With our Thin-Client Computer services, the money that you now spend on computer maintenance can be invested back into other areas of your business, and your employees will be thrilled to have the flexibility to access the server from any place, any device, anytime they need it.

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