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Important US Tax Filing Due Dates

June 9th. 2016

Americans Living in Canada

Federal tax filing dates for Americans living abroad (Expats) are different from the ones living in the USA.  The following are the important tax filing dates that US Expats should keep in mind throughout the year:


April 15th: Any tax owed to IRS must be paid by April 15th following the year the tax relates to for all Americans.


June 15th: Americans living overseas gets an automatic filing extension until June 15th.  But remember tax payments are due by April 15th.


June 30th: If an Expat has more than US$10,000 in total in one or more foreign bank accounts at any time during the tax year, FinCEN Form 114 must be received electronically on or before June 30, 2016. There is no extension for FBARs.


October 15th: June 15th filings can be extended further until October 15th by filing the appropriate form.


Non-Resident Filing Deadlines: (Canadians or Residents of other countries)


Form 1040NR: If a non-resident has invested in a US rental property or shares or units in partnerships, they may need to file a US return – Form 1040 NR, which is due June 15th. This filing can be extended to December 15th by filing the appropriate form. 


Form 8840 - Closer Connection EXCEPTION Statement for Aliens: A non-resident may be considered a US resident if he/she meets the substantial presence test for the year.  The substantial presence test is if you were physically present for at least 31 days in the year and 183 days during the 3 year period (2015, 2014, 2013).  This 183 days is calculates as all of 2015 days present + 1/3rd of 2014 days present + 1/6th of the days present in 2013.


Please contact our office with any US tax related questions you may have and our US tax team would be happy to assist.  




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