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“CRA” Fraud Calls

June 24th. 2016

The fraudsters are getting more and more slick.  We recently received a call from someone purporting to represent the Canada Revenue Agency, requesting a call back regarding a specific client.


The phone number (1-800-959-2250) is very similar to the CRA general enquiries number, and the call display reflected Government of Canada, as actual CRA calls often do.


When we called the number, a very professional sounding automated service answered in both English and French, and identified the number as belonging to the Canada Revenue Agency Collections Division.  We were then prompted to enter a Social Insurance Number “to serve you better”.


In our many years of experience, the Canada Revenue Agency has never used an automated service to enter your Social Insurance Number to pre-identify you to their agents.  The CRA is far too security conscious to use this type of technology – this is an agency that will not send or receive e-mails.


If you receive a call from “CRA Collections” and you are not aware that you are in arrears, check your account balance through the My Account service on the CRA website, or call us for assistance.  Do not give personal information to a purported CRA agent over the phone.





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