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Wholesale distributor learned the hard way.


Permul is a national wholesale distributor of food service equipment such as ice machines, restaurant ranges and popcorn equipment serving primarily Eastern Canada.

The company’s relationship with S+C extends back almost 15 years and throughout their history they have focused on continuously improving their IT systems.



Permul utilized a tape backup system that was misleading. While daily logs indicated that backups were successful, it was discovered during an attempt to restore data after a serious hardware meltdown, that the backup was corrupt. The system didn’t archive information as it implied and the emergency data restore was unsuccessful. The company had a false sense of security thinking they were covered then realized that without the ability to see the actual files, they couldn’t be certain what was backed up.

Permul had to close its doors for two weeks while new hardware was sourced, software configured and systems were finally back up and running. The system was unavailable during this process meaning that the company had to use pen and paper while the computer systems were being repaired. Not only did this bring the business to an inefficient crawl, but following the rebuild, time and resources had to be dedicated to manually input what was done on paper. Unfortunately, this scenario is common, especially when outdated and unreliable backup programs have not been upgraded to current standards.



S+C conducted an assessment and evaluation of the company’s backup system.  It was determined that a managed backup solution would provide better visibility and control than the tape system they were using. This solution creates one backup on site and a second backup in the cloud, both of which can be examined at the file level. This gives the client the benefit of onsite virtualization, which will eliminate the risk of costly downtime in the event of an emergency. This makes all systems immediately available to the client with no technical challenges. Restoration of primary systems is done behind the scenes with no impact on the client because in addition to being a repository for backed-up files, the back-up system itself is used as a secondary environment where all applications can run as if nothing had happened. The system is controlled and monitored remotely.




With the on-site virtualization offered as part of S+C’s Business Protection Plan ELITE, Permul will never again experience the costly downtime that once crippled their business. They now enjoy peace of mind and confidence in their backup system.

The addition of a monthly service agreement means that Permul receives ongoing IT consulting services allowing them to proactively manage their IT system. A set fee ensures constant monitoring and reliable backups.



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