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Custom Software Solutions

S+C provides fully customized applications when out-of-the-box solutions simply do not fit the needs of your business.


eCommerce Websites

Optimize your selling processes through e-commerce and ERP integration, providing your customers and partners with fast, reliable and up-to-date service.

We offer a solution developed entirely on Microsoft.NET platform. Using the latest development tools available, allows S+C to design a solution that provides a single point of access for all your technology needs.

Providing your customers with fast and accurate item search and quick order screen, up-to-date and accurate on-line catalogs with real time data speeds up the order process and provides a friendly, easy ordering environment.


Custom Software


Business Intelligence



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September 11th. 2018
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July 10th. 2018
Bad News for Post-Secondary Students (and their parents)

May 10th. 2018
Professional Corporation? Beware of EHT in 2018

At S+C Partners, we take a holistic view of client relationships by providing a full range of services including assurance, tax, advisory and information technology to support our clients’ financial commitments, minimize tax liabilities, optimize profitability and automate business processes.

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