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ERP Case Studies

Below are a number of case studies highlighting the value of S+C Partners ERP
consulting solutions in the various industries we specialize in.

Wholesale distributor learned the hard way.

Permul is a national wholesale distributor of food service equipment such as ice machines, restaurant ranges and popcorn equipment serving primarily Eastern Canada.

The company’s relationship with S+C extends back almost 15 years and throughout their history, they have focused on continuously improving their IT systems.

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Specialty Retail : System Sensor


Serving primarily as a sales and distribution center, System Sensor Canada wanted to expand its focus to include manufacturing and e-commerce capabilities. To achieve its goal, the company sought a fully automated system that would integrate shipping, manufacturing, accounting and online ordering functionalities into a coherent, enterprise-wide solution. With ACCPAC Advantage Series™ at its core, the new system includes the MISys® Manufacturing System and features an integrated and customer-centric online ordering system that has significantly boosted the company’s bottom line.



Lacking the technical infrastructure and system integration to keep pace with its rapid growth, System Sensor Canada turned to ACCPAC® Partner Sidler Clarke to design and implement a fully automated, enterprise-wide solution that would integrate shipping, manufacturing, accounting and online ordering systems.


S+C Partners implemented ACCPAC's Advantage Series


The built-in flexibility of ACCPAC Advantage Series has enabled all of the diverse applications within System Sensor Canada’s enterprise-wide system to integrate transparently. The overall solution has helped the company reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance profitability.

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At S+C Partners, we take a holistic view of client relationships by providing a full range of services including assurance, tax, advisory and information technology to support our clients’ financial commitments, minimize tax liabilities, optimize profitability and automate business processes.

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