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You've poured a great deal of time and energy into selecting, configuring and implementing your new software solution. It's up and running. It's working to its full capacity and you're waiting to see the business results. Unfortunately, your employees are scrambling, trying to figure out how to perform their basic job tasks.

This is the usual result of a software implementation that is not accompanied by a carefully planned out and well-executed training component. It is exactly why we spend time and budget incorporating a training plan into every project.

Training begins in the initial project phase, where we show decision makers and key users the functionality of their new software and encourage them to test it out for themselves. This gives key players the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new software early in the game.

During the implementation phase, we begin coaching power users and project managers. This increases the knowledge base within your company and facilitates a smoother knowledge transfer to your end users. Finally, we take the time to train end users immediately prior to your Go Live date, ensuring minimal downtime and faster return on investment for your new solution. Have new hires post implementation? Not a problem. S+C Partners takes responsibility for bringing them up to speed so they can become proficient in your new software and hit the ground running.


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