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The Importance of a Financial Controller to Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Owners of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can often feel overwhelmed by the sheer scope of their responsibilities. Depending on the size and structure of their organization, their direct responsibilities may include hiring and managing employees, developing marketing and growth strategies, and building client relationships—all while ensuring that their business remains profitable and that daily […]

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Emergence of Canada’s Gig Economy

Freelance work has been taking Canada by storm over the past 10 years as over 2.18 million Canadians are now taking part in temporary work in addition to or rather than part-time or full-time work.  These changes are creating some exciting business opportunities for companies as hiring independent contractors for the short term allows a […]

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What is Machine Learning?

Computers are getting smarter all the time. Whenever you search the web, open your email or use your phone, there are computers in the background working to enhance your experience. Many tasks that once required specialized human knowledge, such as translating text and identifying cancer cells, can now be performed with great accuracy with the […]

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