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Are you eligible for a tax-free dividend?

If you are an owner of a private corporation, then certain transactions could provide you with an opportunity to make tax-free withdrawals from your company. These tax-free withdrawals occur in the form of a capital dividend from your Capital Dividend Account. What is a Capital Dividend Account (CDA)? The CDA is a notional account that […]

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Cannabis in the workplace – what you need to know

It’s been a little over a year since the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada. Many Canadian companies updated their policies on drug and alcohol use ahead of legalization—especially those with employees working in high-risk positions. But with cannabis edibles also legalized as of last month, many employers are still struggling to find a balance […]

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Is your information management system helping or hindering you?

No matter what business or industry you are in, the ability to properly organize and quickly access the correct version of documents and other critical files—regardless of their format—is essential to your success. The value of a good information management system A good information management system can provide you with a competitive advantage by: • […]

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