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2019 Federal Budget Commentary

There is no indication that the budget “will balance itself” in the near future. However, there are ‘goodies’ for various groups of potential voters, funded by ever increasing deficits. Click here to download our Federal Budget commentary.

Are You at Risk for Alternative Minimum Tax?

No one enjoys a nasty surprise when preparing their tax return. Unfortunately, Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) has the potential to be exactly that. AMT was enacted in 1982 to ensure a minimum amount of tax was paid on income subject to preferential tax treatment. Some common types of income and deductions that can result in […]

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RRSP vs TFSA – A Matter of Timing

Should I contribute to my TFSA or RRSP? This is a common question when it comes to saving for retirement. It isn’t always financially possible to maximize the annual contribution to both, so many people often need to prioritize and invest in the registered savings account that makes the most sense for them. In order […]

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2018 T1 Checklist

S+C Partners is here to help you smoothly navigate the tax season and get every tax credit and deduction you’re entitled to. Our 2018 T1 checklist is now available to assist you in organizing all the items required to complete your 2018 personal tax return. Click here to download our 2018 T1 Checklist.