IT Security Wars

Understanding and Prevention

Lunch and Learn

Wednesday July 19th, 2017



6465 Millcreek Dr., Suite 204


Please join us for a complimentary Lunch and Learn event organized at our offices, presented by Greg Koniecek, IT Partner

Learn what the new security landscape looks like, have a first-hand look at the Dark Web, see crypto currency (Bitcoin) in action, and understand why ransomware prevention needs your attention.

The new evolution of cyber security attacks is on the rise and finding its ways to businesses of all sizes every day. Learn how and why standard protection mechanisms fail and becoming less and less effective. Find out what you can do today to increase your odds against this new wave of cyber threats.


We will also talk about modern solutions ensuring that companies:

·         Never loose their data

·         Never loose connectivity to Internet

·         Never loose a document


Please don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself and register!

Seminar highlights:

  Backup is not enough.

  What is Dark Web?

  What is cryptocurrency and why should I care?

  What are the differences between. viruses, malware, ransomware?

  Best of the class protection software and processes.

  Myths about cloud and how to use it the right way.



Please read our blog What Is Ransomware?


For the more in depth resource please read a White Paper The Business Guide to Ransomware

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