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Should you learn Microsoft Sway?

Tuesday February 28, 2017

What is Sway?

Sway is like a fresher version of PowerPoint that allows you to create reports, interactive presentations, newsletters, travel blogs and personal stories using digital storytelling app where you can easily put in ideas and consume digital content like photos, videos, and web pages.

Is it for me?

Business professionals, researches, students, and home users alike can greatly benefit from this tool to build their versions of digital stories. They can build any type of a presentation using anything from simple text, tweets to elaborate graphics, videos, and charts. The software is available for free as a downloadable Windows app and as a web application – part of Microsoft’s Office Online suite.

Is it easy to share a Sway or to co-operate with someone else?

Yes, just send them your Sway’s link. Or if you’re working together, send them an edit link and you can see one another’s updates in real time.

So should I try it?

Yes, it’s a robust tool with great productivity, so any business people, web designers, and just about anyone who has some digital talents can turn any content to engaging presentations. The best way to judge this app is to give it a spin and see for yourself.