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Mobile Device Management System: Do I need one?

Friday March 23, 2018

Companies provide mobile phones to employees, which contains company emails and work-related apps or programs. Recently, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy has been very popular with companies or groups. After some time, it has became a norm where employees carry mobile devices setup with email and work-related apps to increase work efficiency.

As companies enjoyed the benefits of mobile devices setup to cater to their business needs, it was only a matter of time where corresponding questions about device management arose. Questions such as how do we remotely manage the devices? What happens when a mobile device gets lost or stolen? Is the data secure?
These questions led to the rise of the mobile device management system or software, which is more commonly known as MDM. What is an MDM software? In practical terms, it is the central administration or management of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

Why would a business need an MDM? Here are some of the major benefits of having an MDM software in place:

  • Remote Administration and Management – one of the primary benefit of an MDM is its capability to remotely manage a mobile device. This includes provisioning a device, resetting passwords, updating apps, control access and many more.
  • System Security – What happens when a mobile device gets lost or stolen? No problem. MDM softwares can remotely wipe the device in the event of device lost or theft to protect sensitive company data. Additional security features are also provided by MDM such as blocking unauthorized apps from being installed, isolating work-related data, password policies, etc.
  • BYOD Support – MDM softwares also support BYOD. Work-related programs and data are isolated from the personal programs and data for security purposes.
  • Apps Management and Control – updates to company softwares can also be pushed remotely. Program access control including permissions can also be set in these programs using the MDM.
  • Enforcing Company Policies – with the help of an MDM, administrators can set policies related to security, encryption, feature or functionality that are unique to each individual business requirements.
  • Data Backup and Restore – MDM software also allows data to be backed up and restore whenever the need arises.

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